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Boost your business with Mujeres WOW

Accelerate your business with a loan up to $10,000, without the need for collateral or credit history


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Our Platform

Innovative-driven and idealistic

Globally, there is a $2 trillion lending gap for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Women-owned SMEs are more affected.


Mujeres WOW aims to solve this gap in an innovative way, leveraging the concept of female empowerment.


Mujeres WOW is an end-to-end lending and credit scoring platform targeting female entrepreneurs.

Our platform uses an algorithm that analyzes the social reputation of the applicants (and other alternative data) to create a credit rating, thus creating a women-to-women community.


Users can then apply for a loan directly on the platform.

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How does it works?

With Mujeres WOW, you can get your credit in 4 simple steps


Create an account

Being part of Mujeres Wow is easy and fast.
Complete your profile in less than 5 minutes.


Share your business information and invite your circle of trust to get a credit rating through our algorithm.

Qualify for your loan


Apply for your loan

You can request amounts according the needs of your business and your ability to pay.


Get your credit!

Your approved credit will be disbursed in your bank account in 24 hours.

To learn more about Mujeres WOW, watch our video 


What data do we analyze to create your credit score?

Mujeres Wow uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist female entrepreneurs and generate a credit rating.

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We start analyzing demographic factors

Being part of Mujeres Wow is easy and fast.
Complete your profile in less than 5 minutes



​Soon, we will be launching our app's beta version. To sign up, please fill out this form

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